Commercial dog food which consists of kibble, canned food, dog cookies, ect have only been around for a few decades.  It was introduced by companies to make lots of money at cheaper costs.   Its almost impossible for a dog’s digestive system to have been changed so much in the years of feeding commercial processed kibble that it’s an easy transition to switch your furry pet to a raw food diet.  In today’s society, dogs are having  much problems dealing with processed foods and is one of the main reasons we see many degenerative disease in dogs today. 


You have to think to yourself what people fed there dogs before dog food kibble was introduced?  How were dogs health before commercial processed food was introduced?  Dogs were doing perfectly fine before the commercial food industry food came along which include less illnesses and easy treatable diagnoses on dogs due to the fact that they were fed a raw diet. 

These modern diseases are a result of lifetime of being fed processed commercial foods. 


Think of it this way.  If a bag of dog food can sit on a shelf for months then go to a pet home and sit longer until your dog finished the bag is that really healthy for them?  Its loaded with preservatives that extend shelf life and can potentially be harmful for your pets in the long run.  Could us humans live off of processed canned foods that have shelf life of month?  We would be in the same situation as our pets if we were fed a preservative diet our whole lives.


Another example would be processed kibble for your animal would be equivalent to us humans eating fast food everyday of our lives. Its not to late to start your dog on a healthier lifestyle with 808 Raw Pet Food.