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About Us

Here at 808 Raw Pet Food, we offer Hawaii's first and only Raw Pet Food Line that is manufactured in an approved USDA inspected facility.  Compared to a lot of our competitors our pets health is our number one concern and it all starts with how your pets Raw Pet Food is made.

 Our vision was relatively easy. To promote a healthier lifestyle for our canines with amazing benefits and a manufacturer that not only believes in the raw diet for dogs but encourages all canines owners to switch your furry family member to the Raw diet.  Raw diets for dogs play a huge role in overall health for your canine. It has been proven to cure skin allergies, reduced visits to the vet, cancer prevention and treatment and dozens of more remedies. Check out our amazing videos for proof.  

Starting my own journey of feeding my dogs a raw diet 6 years ago, I noticed within weeks time the major benefits my dogs were getting by switching from commercial processed kibble to a Raw diet.  Having my mix-pit whom I adopted from a shelter, she would have constant breakouts with skin allergies and hotspot's.  Dozens of kibble brands and visits to the vets, nothing seemed to work, and medication from the vets seemed to do more bad than good. Not knowing at the time what was causing this, I had decided to do my one research while I was attending college at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  I ran into this book in back in 2011 called "Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs".


After reading this book numerous times,  and meeting dozens of people within the Raw community, I decided to feed my dogs Raw and never turned back.  

We all know how much our pets mean to us, and its never to late to try a raw diet with 808 Raw Pet Food.  With our amazing prices and our lifetime support to help your pet through the journey of eating and living healthy.

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