Follow order instructions below. Delivery for Oahu residents and shipping via USPS/FEDEX for outer islands as we ship out every WEDNESDAY arriving THURSDAY

*Keep in mind exclusively for Oahu only delivery charge is $10.There is no minimum order* "Outer islands DO NOT Qualify for free deliver"

Instructions for delivery on OAHU


Step 1:  Choose items your purchasing by selecting add to cart


Step 2:  In instructions please indicate your address, phone number and we will send you a confirmation and scheduled delivery date for your order. (Delivery for Oahu will be delivered to your home or wherever you desired within 2-3 business days from the time you place order) 


Step 3:  Indicate specific instructions if you desire for us to place product once delivered


Step 4:  We will be contacting you day item will be shipped to confirm once again that your order is on the way


Step 5: Watch your furry friends enjoy there treats :)



When you go to the checkout it will give you an option to how much pounds you have ordered and select the correct shipping charge.  Again the free delivery promo does not apply for outer islands.  Aloha