Beef Green Tripe Ground 2lb


Beef Green Tripe Ground 2lb

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Grounded Green Tripe

Unprocessed (Pure green tripe)

Tripe is the common term for stomach lining of cattle. At the unprocessed state, tripe is the most nutritious. It is a great meat source full of probiotics and is low in fat. These natural ingredients found in green tripe allow to aid in multiple health benefits for dogs including digestion, easing constipation and encouraging appetite.

These enzymes, are good bacteria and amino acids that will help your dogs boost their digestive system, which improves a dog's immune system

Benefits of Green Tripe for Dogs

  • Promotes healthy digestion

  • Offers a boost to the immune system

  • helps a dog’s appetite

  • Treats both diarrhea and constipation

  • Soothes GI (gastrointestinal) upset and infections

  • Great for dogs with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

  • Heals and prevents vaginal infections

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